Solving Today’s Challenges in Telecom

Connect America Fund (CAF II) and Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF)

We can help you determine - Where are the serviceable locations? 

We provide the foundational Address and Property location data to help you achieve your risk / opportunity analysis and bid intelligently.

Use G73 Location Data For:

Auction Prep

Bid Smart

  • Data to feed reverse auction prep and analysis
  • Locate High Value, target blocks
  • Build out your GIS capabilities

Validate Awarded Areas

Make a final determination on the number of locations

  • Build Risk of Sensitivity models based on address location confidence and geo-precision
  • Take a "haircut" where you need to and be confident that you are maximizing support while mitigating risk

Network Design, Prioritization, Operations

Precise address standardization, attribution and geocoding

  • Network planning & engineering, network expansion
  • Build-out prioritization - plan ahead to strategically serve your areas
  • Customer service qualification via website and CRM channels
  • Optional Correspondences to Prop Models, Service Areas, CAF Blocks, ILEC CLEC Boundaries - made possible and better by very accurate household data

HUBB Submission

USAC HUBB Reporting Requirements

  • Limited re-distribution of data (submission of addresses and coordinates to HUBB)
  • Accuracy of coordinates
  • Persistent ID and internal record keeping

location intelligence data solutions

Being able to know that a geocode is precise at the structure level helps you:

  • Plan deployment of services and assets - network planning, technician routing
  • Budget for capital investments with higher confidence
  • Understand your market and ability to retain and attract customers
  • Improve your risk/opportunity analysis for serviceable locations

Learn more about how G73 Data can help you with your Telecom and RDOF Initiatives, including setting up a data trial: